Creating multiple pages

Okay, so not actual pages since Carrd is, after all, a platform for building one-page sites. However, it does have a handy trick up its sleeve to simulate multiple pages for situations where a single one doesn't cut it: the Section Break, which lets you divide your site into multiple sections you can then switch between like pages. Here's how to use it:

  1. Go to Add → Control to create a new Section Break Control element.

  2. Drag it to where you want to divide your site. This creates a section, which contains everything after the section break up to either another section break, a footer marker, or the end of the site.

  3. Give it a short name (eg. work). This will be used to identify and (in the next step) link to the section.

  4. Link to the section with a button, a link, or pretty much anything else that takes a URL using a hash # followed by the name you gave it in the previous step (eg. #work).

  5. (Optional) Add a link back to the automatically created "home" section using #home.

  6. (Optional) Select your site's Page element, click the Animation tab, then select an On Section Change effect.

  7. You're done! Clicking the link you set up earlier should now open the brand new section. You can also link to the section directly by simply adding its hash-prefixed name to your site URL (eg.