Content Policy

Prohibited Content

Carrd is fairly permissive when it comes to content. However, per our Terms of Use the usual categories of content are prohibited on all sites built on the platform, including (but not limited to) content that is:

For a complete description of all content prohibited on Carrd, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Adult Content

Carrd generally does not permit pornographic content. However, adult-oriented artwork is permitted so long as a) the site to which the artwork is being posted belongs to its artist/creator (for example, as part of a portfolio), and b) the artwork does not depict activity considered to be illegal. If you're not sure whether your particular use case falls under this exception, please get in touch.

Offline Sites

If a site is marked as Offline, it was likely taken down due to either:

To address this, please review our content policy and our terms of use, update the site as needed, then click the button below to request a manual review of the site. If we determine the site is now in compliance with our content policy (or a moderation error was made on our part), we'll immediately bring it back online.