Setting up a Payment-Enabled Form

Requires Pro Plus or higher

Payment-enabling a form inserts a Stripe Checkout payment screen between the submission and processing steps of that particular form, allowing you to create anything from order forms to paid email lists. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Select a Form element.

  2. Click the Button tab.

  3. Set On Click to Require payment (via Stripe).

  4. Under Product, select a Type, then either Via Preconfigured Price or Via Custom Price.

    Via Preconfigured PriceUses a Price you've already preconfigured at Stripe. Enter the unique ID of the Price you'd like to use for this payment (for example, price_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
    Via Custom PriceUses an ad-hoc (custom) price. Enter the Name, Description, and Amount you'd like to use for this payment. If you're working with a Custom form, you can either set a Fixed amount, or allow a Variable amount to be selected prior to submission (using either a "Number" or "Select" field with the ID amount).
  5. Scroll down a bit and enter your Stripe API Keys, which can be found using these instructions.

  6. You're done! Submitting this form will now require a successful Stripe Checkout payment before actually processing.