There are currently four Pro plans to choose from: Pro Lite, Pro Standard, Pro Plus, and Pro Max.

Pro Lite

This is the entry-level Pro plan. At just $9 / year, it offers some nice improvements over the free Basic experience while still being extremely affordable. For users who don't use custom domains or the more business-oriented features of Pro (like forms and widgets), this is probably a good fit. Here's what it includes:

Pro Standard

This is the mid-tier Pro plan. At $19 / year, this is by far the most popular Pro plan in part because it covers a wide range of use cases: from individuals further branding their sites with custom domains to businesses using forms to collect email addresses and customer feedback. Here's what it includes:

Pro Plus

This is the top-tier Pro plan. At $49 / year, this plan is built for power users as it offers not only the features of Pro Standard, but also more powerful, developer-friendly features like custom forms, the advanced settings tab, and even the ability to download the unminified sources of the sites you build. Here's what it includes:

Pro Max

This is the agency-level Pro plan. At $99 / year, this plan is meant for users who use Carrd to build sites for their own clients, and as such offers not only all of the features of Pro Plus, but also the ability to build and publish up to 100 sites (as opposed to just 25). Here's what it includes: