Using Advanced Settings

Requires Pro Plus or higher

For more advanced use cases of Carrd, the Advanced Settings feature provides access to the following additional settings for each element:

To access these settings, select an element, then click its Settings tab.


Some element types support the ability to trigger custom JS code when certain events occur. This can be used to add all kinds of extended functionality not yet available natively within Carrd; for example, triggering a Google Analytics gtag() call to track a form submission, or triggering a third-party API call on a button click.

To access an element's events, select an element, click its Settings tab, then click Events. Events are currently supported on the following element types:

ButtonsOn Click (per button)Triggered when a button is clicked.
ControlOn Open (section breaks)Triggered when the section is opened.
On Close (section breaks)Triggered when the section is closed.
FormOn SubmitTriggered when the form is submitted.
On SuccessTriggered when the form is submitted and results in success.
On FailureTriggered when the form is submitted and results in failure.
GalleryOn Click (per image)Triggered when an image is clicked.
IconsOn Click (per icon)Triggered when an icon is clicked.
LinksOn Click (per link)Triggered when a link is clicked.