Setting up a ConvertKit Signup Form

Requires Pro Standard or higher

  1. Click Add Element

  2. Click Form to create a new Form element.

  3. Set Type to Signup, then Via ConvertKit.

  4. Enter your ConvertKit API Key, which can be found by following these instructions.

  5. Enter your ConvertKit Form ID, which is the unique numeric ID of your ConvertKit form. This can be located by editing your ConvertKit form and noting the numeric ID in the address bar (eg. 123456).

  6. (Optional) Click the Fields tab and rename or toggle the form's fields. Note that some fields may require you to add additional custom fields to your ConvertKit form.

  7. (Optional) Click the Button tab and change the form's submit button Label.

  8. (Optional) Check Collect UTM parameters to automatically include all detected UTM parameters as custom fields. The following custom fields will be populated if detected: UTM Source, UTM Medium, UTM Campaign, UTM Term, and UTM Content.

  9. (Optional) Add custom fields for Site URL, Site Title and Site Form to your ConvertKit form to automatically record the site URL, title and unique form ID with each signup.

  10. You're done! The site should now have a fully functional ConvertKit signup form.