Formatting with Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to bold, italicize, and perform other text formatting using only special characters (like asterisks and underscores). Carrd supports a modified subset of Markdown to add formatting capabilities to a number of element types.

Basic Usage

Formatting with Markdown works by simply wrapping text in the special characters needed to apply a given effect. For example:

This is *italic* text

... will result in:

This is italic text

Multiple formatting effects can be used in the same block of text:

This is *italic*, this is **bold**, and this is ~~strike~~
This is italic, this is bold, and this is strike

... as well as stacked on the same text to apply multiple effects:

This is ***italic bold***, and this is ~~***italic bold strike***
This is italic bold, and this is italic bold strike

More sophisticated effects are also supported, such as the ability to create links using [link](url):

Visit our [documentation pages]( to learn more
Visit our documentation pages to learn more

Finally, if you wish to include one of Markdown's special characters without Carrd actually interpreting it as Markdown, simply prefix it with a backslash (\) and it'll be ignored:

This \*text\* will display as-is
This *text* will display as-is

Supported Markdown

Carrd currently supports the following subset of Markdown:

*Italic* or _Italic_Italic
**Bold Italic**Bold Italic
[Link text](any valid URL)Link text
[Color text]{colorname}Color text
[Color text]{#colorcode}Color text
Non-Breaking\sSpaceNon-Breaking Space

Supported Elements

Markdown is currently supported by the following elements:

Element TypeWhere
  • (Custom) Checkbox labels
  • Captions
  • Items
  • Headings
  • Rows
  • Content