Optimizing Elements for Mobile

By default, Carrd will automatically optimize the appearance of an element for viewing on mobile screens. While this approach is usually sufficient, if you're in a situation where you'd like a bit more control over an element's mobile appearance:

  1. (Optional) Switch the builder to Mobile View.

  2. Click the element you'd like to change.

  3. Click Appearance

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the panel and locate the Mobile toggle.

  5. Switch the toggle to Manual. This will switch the element's mobile appearance handling to manual mode and reveal additional mobile-only settings you can now adjust. Note that any settings with a value of Auto will allow Carrd to automatically optimize just those settings, which is handy if you're otherwise content with how an automatically-optimized element looks on mobile but would like to fine-tune, say, just its margins.

  6. You're done! To revert back to fully automatic optimization, switch the element's Mobile toggle back to Auto.