Embedding Custom Code

Requires Pro Standard or higher

The Embed element allows you to insert custom HTML, CSS, and even Javascript code practically anywhere on a site (including its <head> element). If you need to add a third-party widget not yet supported by the Widget element, or if you simply want to incorporate custom features beyond what Carrd currently offers, here's how to do it:

  1. Click Add Element

  2. Click Embed to create a new Embed element.

  3. Set Type to Code.

  4. Set Code to the custom code you'd like to insert. This can be practically anything you'd normally paste into a site's HTML, so standard-issue HTML, <style> tags containing custom CSS rules, and even <script> tags containing Javascript code are all acceptable here.

  5. (Optional) Set Label to something that helps identify this particular embed (eg. My Widget Code).

  6. Choose the embed's Style:

    • Inline to insert your code exactly where the embed appears on the site (just like any other element).

    • Hidden to insert your code in one of three specific locations: Head for the site's <head> element, Body Top for just after the site's opening <body> tag, or Body End for just before the site's closing </body> tag. Since this effectively publishes the embed outside the normal element flow, feel free to move it somewhere more convenient (to the very end of the site, for example).

  7. You're done! Your custom code should now be visible on the published site. Note that the embed element will not actually output anything in the builder so you'll need to publish the site to see it in action.