URL Types

Carrd supports linking any button, icon, or other "linkable" element to the following types of URLs:

Site https://domain.ext/path/ Open an external site.
https://domain.ext/path/@blank Open an external site in a new tab.
Email mailto:[email protected] Compose a new message to [email protected] using the browser's default email app (if available).
Phone tel:0005551234 Place a call to 0005551234 using the browser's default phone app (if available).
sms:0005551234 Compose a new message to 0005551234 using the browser's default SMS app (if available).
skype:username Place a Skype call to username (if available).
Navigation browser:back Go back a page in the browser's history.
browser:forward Go forward a page in the browser's history.
browser:top Scroll to the top of the current page.
browser:none Do nothing. Usually combined with an "On Click" event.
Section #section-name Open the section section-name
section:next Open the next section.
section:previous Open the previous section.
section:first Open the first section.
section:last Open the last section.
Scroll Point #scrollpoint-name Scroll to the scroll point scrollpoint-name
scrollpoint:next Scroll to the next scroll point.
scrollpoint:previous Scroll to the previous scroll point.
scrollpoint:first Scroll to the first scroll point.
scrollpoint:last Scroll to the last scroll point.