Understanding Site Slots

Carrd allows you to build and publish multiple sites from a single account, the maximum number of which is determined by the number of site slots granted by your plan (see table below). Published sites, drafts, templates, and archived sites all occupy slots, and once you've reached your maximum you won't be able to add, clone, or accept transferred sites until you've either freed up slots by deleting or transferring sites, or upgraded to a plan with more slots. The following table lists the number of site slots granted by each plan:

PlanSite Slots
Pro Trial3
Pro Lite3
Pro Lite 1010
Pro Lite 2525
Pro Standard10
Pro Standard 2525
Pro Standard 5050
Pro Standard 100100
Pro Standard 250250
Pro Standard 500500
Pro Plus25
Pro Plus 5050
Pro Plus 100100
Pro Plus 250250
Pro Plus 500500