Using Background Friendly Mode

When the Page element is set to use a "box" style (Box, Wide Box, or Tall Box) there's a good chance the site's background will end up either partially or entirely obscured on mobile screens – a situation that might be less than ideal if the background is something important (like, say, a photo of a person). To work around this, you can enable Background Friendly mode to automatically stack the Page element below the background on mobile screens. Here's how:

  1. Select the site's Page element.

  2. Scroll down to Mobile and switch it to Manual mode. This will reveal additional options to manually control how the element appears on mobile screens.

  3. Set Mode to Background Friendly.

  4. (Optional) Check Hide background overlay to hide the background's overlay on mobile screens (if one is set).

  5. (Optional) Click Done to close the panel.

  6. You're done!