Adding a PayPal Button

The PayPal widget allows you to add buttons to accept payments, donations, and subscriptions via PayPal. Here's how to use it:

  1. If you haven't done so already, create a PayPal account.

  2. Back at Carrd, Click Add Element

  3. Click Widget to create a new Widget element.

  4. Set Type to PayPal.

  5. Choose the Action you'd like this button to perform:

    BuyPays for a single item.
    CartAdds a single item to the user's PayPal cart.
    DonateDonates a fixed amount.
    SubscribeSubscribes to a subscription or service.
  6. Enter a Name, Amount, and other payment details.

  7. (Optional) Enter a Return URL, which can be any valid URL or blank to use the site's current URL.

  8. Enter your PayPal Merchant ID, which can be found using these instructions.

  9. You're done!