Setting up Facebook Pixel

Requires Pro Standard or higher

While Carrd doesn't have native support for Facebook Pixel just yet, you can still get it working on any site using an Embed element. Here's how:

  1. Create a Pixel and obtain the site's pixel code.

  2. Back at Carrd, click Add

  3. Click Embed to create a new Embed element.

  4. Set Style to Hidden, then change the dropdown that appears next to it to Head. This will place the contents of the embed in the site's <head> element regardless of where it actually appears in the builder, so feel free to move it somewhere more convenient (to the very end of the site, for example).

  5. Paste the pixel code in the Code box.

  6. (Optional) Set Label to something that helps identify this particular embed (eg. Facebook Pixel).

  7. Click Done to close the embed's properties panel.

  8. Click Publish

  9. Click Publish Changes

  10. You're done! The pixel code should now be visible in the site's <head> element, but be sure to verify the pixel is actually working before moving on.