Sharing Access to a Site

Requires Pro Lite or higher

To share access to a site or template with another user, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dashboard.

  2. Click the Sites tab.

  3. Locate the site or template you want to share, then click its Manage icon.

  4. In the sidebar, click Sharing.

  5. Click Add User

  6. Choose the level of Access you want to share:

    EditorGrants full editing access to the site. If the site being shared is a custom template and it's shared with an account that has access to its features, it will also be selectable as a starting point for new sites.
    TemplateIf the site being shared is a custom template, allows it to be selected as a starting point for new sites. For more information specific to sharing custom templates, please refer to Sharing a Custom Template.

    Note that Editor access can be shared with anyone – even those on the free "Basic" plan. Only you, as the owner of the site or template, are required to be on a Pro plan to use the Sharing feature. Template access can also be shared with anyone provided they have access to the plan features used by the template (if any).

  7. In the Email field, enter the email of the user with whom you want to share the site or template. The email must be linked to an active Carrd account.

  8. Click Add User

  9. You're done! The user should now have access to the site or template via their Shared Sites tab or folder. If you're sharing a custom template, the user will also be able to select it as a starting point for new sites.